Kwikbuild Cement was founded in 2011 by five partners.

The very first blending plant was established in Silverton, Pretoria East, as it was ideally located to service the initial target market. At the time, the target market had been identified as Mamelodi, Pretoria East, KwaMhlanga, and Bronkhorstspruit. Since then Kwikbuild has thrived, cementing its place in the South African market by offering its various products and services across the entire Gauteng region, as well as to Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

At Kwikbuild Cement we are people-focused. Our slogan, Siyakha Nawe or “We build together”, is centred on the principle of unity and of fostering cohesive interpersonal relationships between us and our clients. For this reason we offer a quality product, and service experience. In fact, our excellent service is one of the things our clients love most about us.

How we’ve grown

We have recently expanded, opening a new blending plant in Kya Sands, Johannesburg. This new location has allowed Kwikbuild to service the client markets established in the North-West and Free State, as well as the northern, western and eastern suburbs of Gauteng.

Kwikbuild Cement has fast become a leading cement blender in South Africa, producing a 32,5N of cement of the highest quality, that also complies with rigorous SABS standards. 

Our Values


Trust builds teamwork and collaboration and empowers ethical and good decision making. Our entire business is based on trust. Our trust in each other, our customers trust in us and our trust in the collective, our company. HONOUR and INTEGRITY are the corner stones of trust. We say what we do and we do what we say. We don’t let each other down and we always do that little extra. We value the trust put in us and we give our trust to you


We understand we function within a BROADER COMMUNITY comprised of multiple stakeholders - the immediate communities in which we operate and live, our families, our staff, our shareholders, our customers, our suppliers and most importantly our environment.


We believe that healthy, balanced, joyous families are the cornerstone of a healthy and productive society. We will strive to ensure that work / life balance is achieved for all our staff and to create an environment that is positive, encouraging and flexible in catering for both work and individual specific family requirements and pressures.


We believe that merit, above all else, should be RECOGNISED and REWARDED. Every employee who demonstrates commitment and hard work, and who proves their competence and ability, will have the opportunity to advance. We believe that this is the only way to drive healthy competition, accountability, and effectiveness within the workplace.


In our business, top management are to work with MAXIMUM transparency that enables employees easy access to information and decision making within the normal boundaries of personal and trade privacy.


At all levels of our business we strive for ethnic, racial, sexual and cultural diversity and to create a COLLABORATIVE atmosphere of creativity, curiosity, fun, inclusivity, simplicity, innovation, freedom, responsibility, action and ethical behaviour.


ALL LIFE on earth is precious. Now more than ever, earth is facing a critical time e as a result of global warming and climate change, the increasing loss of biodiversity, unsustainable population growth, unprecedented levels of consumption, inefficient & unsustainable use and exploitation of natural resources & unethical corporate practices leading to unabated pollution in the pursuit of growth. We recognise that without a healthy and sustainable ENVIRONMENT, none of these stakeholders can function and thrive. It is therefore the primary goal of this company to operate in a way where we are fully aware of the above and are CONSCIOUS to reorder our company values and objective in such a way that we continue to produce products of the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact possible. All DECISIONS of the company will be made in the context of environmental sustainability going forward where we will strive to do no harm and wherever possible our decisions and actions will serve to create a sustainable future for us and generations to come.


Kwikbuild’s very first bag of cement was produced in August 2011. Its success and growth have been rapid, and Kwikbuild Cement has since become a formidable competitor in the cement industry. Since the company’s inception the founders have continually reinvested in the business, resulting in state of the art modifications to the plant. Our cutting-edge packaging equipment has increased Kwikbuild’s production capacity to 750 000 tons of product per annum.

our products

Kwikbuild Cement produces a range of products that include Kwikbuild 32.5N (SANS 50197-1:2013 CEMV) & 42.5N (SANS 50197-1:2013 CEMII) General purpose cement, a full range of tile adhesives, as well as the complete supporting range of products; Kwikscreed, Kwikgrout, Kwikflex, Kwikbond & Kwikprime. 

client range

Kwikbuild Cement’s clients range from civils, construction companies and developers to the major hardware chains, wholesale suppliers, traders and bakkie builders.


At the foundation of the success of Kwikbuild Cement is the fact that we have always endeavoured to produce products of the highest quality and we are 100% committed to never compromise on the integrity of our brand. As part of this process, we have setup a building materials testing laboratory at our Silverton production facility which now gives us far greater control over the quality of our products and the ability to take far greater proactive steps to ensure all our products meet with industry standards.

Pure cements have various chemical properties that can be significantly affected when extended with various extenders and the many additives available can do much to improve cement performance. Depending on the type of application, weather conditions and the quality of the other building materials used on site, not all cement’s perform equally. With our own state of the art testing facility, we are able to continuously monitor the performance of our products in compliance with SANS 50197-1:2013 and can assist our customers in testing of their various sand types if required.

summit trucking

The members of Kwikbuild Cement also own and operate their own transport company, Summit Trucking, which handles the in-bound delivery of all our raw bulk materials as well as the distribution of our finished product to our customers. We believe much of our success can be contributed to the close relationship between the two entities as it affords us the ability to offer flexible, timely and cost effective deliveries greatly enhancing our customer service as well as ensuring an un-interrupted supply for our production capacity.

looking forward

Kwikbuild Cement will remain focused on its core business and target markets, will continue to strive for excellence through continuous re-investment, the improvement of our business processes and the enhancement of our products and service quality. We will continue to explore and source strategic partnerships with key suppliers and most important of all, ensure to continually enhance value for our current and future customers.

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