Mortar (Dagga)
Wall Dimensions:(Single Brick Wall)


This information is provided solely as a guide, for your convenience and information, to assist you in making informed decisions about your requirements. While we provide recommended quantities for your reference, we assume no liability for them. You should not rely on them exclusively.

PLEASE NOTE:  We recommend accounting for a minimum of 10% wastage in your projects due to various environmental and site conditions that can influence the final usage of any building material.

The standard plaster ratio used in most instances is the 1:4 ratio, however refer to your QS, architect or site engineer for recommended mix ratio specific to your project.

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Embarking on a wall-building project is a significant undertaking, and knowing how to calculate bricks in a wall can be invaluable. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about ensuring you have the right estimates to carry out your project seamlessly. Whether you’re laying bricks—using our brick calculator for a wall to get a dependable estimate—or plastering those walls for a flawless finish, a precise idea of the materials you might need is crucial.

Kwikbuild Cement is dedicated to simplifying this process and offers you two robust calculators designed to provide estimates tailored to your construction needs.

Explore our DIY guides, including a step-by-step tutorial on making your own cement bricks, perfectly tailored to complement our brick calculator for a wall.”

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