Kwikbuild believes that giving back needs to be about love in action and creating the world we would want to live in. Whenever we donate money, time or goods, we are contributing it towards something that we feel has importance and will bring about sustainable value.

Conserv Earth

Thank you to the Kwikbuild team for understanding the Conserv Earth vison - for people and wildlife to co-exist with harmony and resilience on one earth.  Your support has been instrumental in driving our cause so that we can facilitate, connect and restore. Conserv Earth was founded to identify, support and establish projects that directly impact long term sustainable solutions for people and wildlife to exist on one planet. We believe that through collaborative efforts with the government, private sector, communities, individuals and other non-profit organisations we can make a tangible difference. Kwikbuild are one of these partners and we are truly grateful!

Woodrock Animal Rescue

To all the GOOD people of KWIKBUILD Woodrock face daily challenges… your constant donations and unfailing support have made it that much easier to get things done and thrust us forward. Thanks for believing in our cause. We thank you for your stupendous support and for your desire to help us succeed in our mission to change lives. They say that money can’t buy you love, and that’s a fact. However, you have shown your love for others through your donations. Thank you for creating a way to help our animals. In every way, in every day, Woodrock are mindful and deeply grateful! Gratitude has no vision. So, with a hand on our heart and on bended knees a massive WOOF- WOOF PAW SALUTE! To a wonderful kind company who understand our mission and focus THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Kwikbuild Cement is a National Treasure.  Dogtown South Africa receives a generous cash donation every month from this wonderful company, and Kwikbuild has blessed us with countless bags of cement enabling us to complete vital building projects. One such project is our Recovery Ward, which is designed to accommodate dogs who have undergone surgery.  This will enable us to provide 24-hour care to these vulnerable animals, and it will offer a quiet place for them to recover with familiar faces attending to their needs. Dogtown is constantly raising the bar to provide the best possible facility for abused, abandoned and unwanted dogs.  Many of our dogs come from other shelters where they are considered hard-to-home. Our internationally-trained behaviourists have the expertise to transform these dogs from Misunderstood to Good!

The Baby House

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Over the past seven years Kwikbuild Cement have been a regular monthly sponsor of The Baby House. This consistent contribution brings much needed stability to the lives of our children and efficiency of our home. We are deeply appreciative for the support Kwikbuild Cement extends to The Baby House. Much love,
Mortar (Dagga)
Wall Dimensions:(Single Brick Wall)

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