KWIKTILE – 20KG Bag | Mozaic Fix – 5Kg Bag


Ensure the surface is clean. All surfaces must be dry and have a moisture content of 5% or less before tiling begins. Surface beds should have a damp-proof membrane. lf a primer is required, prime the surface with a slurry consisting of 1 part KWIK-Key (Keying Agent) to 2 parts tile adhesive powder or 1.5 parts KWIKBUILD Cement (by volume). Apply using a builder’s block brush and ensure that the entire surface is fully covered with the slurry coat. Allow this coat to dry for 4-6 hours before applying the adhesive.

Off shutter concrete, smooth & dense surfaces, power floated & steel floated surfaces
Clean thoroughly or mechanically abrade to remove shutter release and curing agents, laitance, etc.
Existing Tiles
Must be in good condition and firmly attached to the substrate, i.e.not cracked, loose, or hollow sounding. Acid wash and neutralize to remove dirt, grease, grime, sealants, polish, etc.
Existing vinyl flooring or carpets
Floor covering must be lifted, and the floor mechanically abraded (chipping, grinding, scabbling, etc) to remove existing fixative.
Existing paint or polish
Existing gypsum skim-coats
For all domestic/interior and commercial/exterior applications; mechanically abrade (chipping, grinding, scabbling, etc.) to remove at least 80% of the paint/polish/gypsum skim coat.
Bitumen adhesive or waterproofing
Floor covering must be lifted, and the floor mechanically abraded (chipping, grinding, scabbling, etc) to remove existing fixative.


Add a 20 kg bag of KWIKtile to approx. 6 L clean, cool water while mixing. For best results use a mechanical mixer.

Mix to a buttery consistency and ensure there are no lumps. Allow the mixture to stand for approx. 5 minutes and then mix again .

For optimal performance use a full bag in one mix and ensure that the water temperature is between 20 -25°C

Pot life after mixing is approx. 1 hour.

For all exterior areas that are exposed to moisture, high traffic areas, areas that can experience significant temperature changes, or where some flexibility is required, replace the water in the mix with KWIKbond (Bonding Liquid) .


Once an adhesive mix has been standing for a long time, it is not advised to add more water to the mix as this will negatively affect the performance of the adhesive.
Setting times may be delayed during winter (cold weather conditions below 15°C), flash setting may occur during summer (hot weather conditions above 25°C). We advise using water of +/- 21 °C for optimum results.


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